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Caregivers are our greatest resource assets.  At the same time, they can be our greatest enigma to manage and our most challenging issue. 


Do you ever feel like you are herding cats?  You are not alone!


Our primary objective is to unify organizations in the name of strategic consultation. 

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Does your mission resonate throughout the organization?

Do you have the hearts and souls of your employees or just their paid time at work?

Does your organization have goals, strategies, and tactics that are aligned with your mission?

Strategic Planning

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There are many ways to diagnose issues in a healthcare organization. There are no shortcuts.

Each situation is different and each requires unique evaluation tools. We take the time to carefully listen and closely evaluate what we learn, long before we diagnose the issues. 

Then we work with you to develop evidence-based strategies and solutions that elevate what we learn, long before we diagnose the issues. 

Process Consultation

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Leadership and organizational development are ongoing challenges that require planning and vigilance. Too often we become so focused on managing that we fail to lead.

We can assist with organizational and leadership development at all levels of the organization. 

Organizational Consulting

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The most frequent healthcare claims and injuries as well as the most dollars spend are employee injury claims. These are also the most controllable and predictable exposures in healthcare. Hence, log hanging financial fruit.

We have developed initiatives that:

  • Reduce claims and claims costs by 40% to 60%

  • Enhance and elevate a culture of safety

  • Provide a fundamental system of accountability

  • Develop useful key indicators and benchmarks

  • Evaluate claims processes and performance

We believe that if you can control workers' compensation injuries and costs, there is overarching impact on other types of liability claims. However, we can also provide many types of clinical risk management support.  

Risk Management

We can help!

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