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A surprising percentage of your self-pay and charity-care patients become eligible for Medicaid long after their initial visit. Once they’re successfully enrolled, the Medicaid coverage they’re eligible for can be applied retroactively to cover care provided in the months preceding their enrollment— turning uncompensated care into meaningful revenue for your organization. In many instances, Medicare wrap payments are also collectible. 


As your revenue-cycle partner, we analyze all of your self-pay encounters on a daily basis to identify when a patient has been qualified to receive coverage by Medicaid or an MCO. We then bill the encounters and collect every dollar for this previously uncompensated care.

What do we find that your organization doesn't? 

Patients who are not approved until their visit

Patients who enroll later or are enrolled by another provider

Patients who change their MCO

Eligibility verifications missed by front office staff

Patients who don't disclose Medicare eligibility 

How much additional revenue can we collect and how quickly?

Typical providers collect an additional 10% to 20% of uncompensated care

You can expect to see collections within 30 days

We don't get paid unless you do!

100% Contingency Based

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