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The team members within Strategic Healthcare bring decades of healthcare insurance and risk management experience.  We have consulted extensively with virtually every segment and size of healthcare, including:

  • Anesthesia

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Hospital Systems to Critical Access Facilities

  • Hospitalists

  • Locum Tenens

  • Long-Term Care

  • Nurse Staffing

  • Obstetrics

  • Occupational Medicine

  • Pediatrics 

  • Primary Care & Internal Medicine

  • Surgical Specialties

  • Surgery Center Groups

  • Urgent Care…

Strategic Healthcare has unparalleled insurance market access and C-Suite relationships with virtually every insurer.

Whether you need first dollar insurance, a captive insurance company built fast or anything in between. We don’t just package your applications up and send them to underwriters. We proactively review each application, every claim and evaluate all of your risks. Our team is prepared to support you on every front. 

We are the most innovative and creative risk management team there is! You know that we have done it many times before and can do it for you!

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