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Chronic Care Management (CCM) is an initiative developed by Medicare to better manage the healthcare needs and issues of an aging population.  In order to qualify for CCM a patient must see a physician during the last twelve months and have two chronic disease diagnosis. There are over 100 qualifying diagnosis, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity…  Eighty-two percent of Medicare patients qualify for CCM.

CCM is a patient resource and contact for healthcare needs associated with their conditions.  The CCM communicates at least monthly with each patient.  Calls, texts or emails, both incoming and outgoing, occur regarding medications, conditions, setting physician appointments or a wide variety of issues.

Best of all, the provider collects a monthly fee from Medicare of roughly $30 per patient – while ChartSpan does all the work.  Even better, providers enjoy an 8% increase in patient encounters, improved patient quality scores (MIPS) and reduced exposure to financial penalties.

Why CCM and ChartSpan?

Significant Increased Provider Revenue - $150,000 per 1000 Medicare patients seen over the last year

Reduced Readmissions

8% Increased Facility Utilization

Improved Quality Scores (MIPS)

Increased Patient Engagement

Positive Patient Churn (1% to 3% per month)

No Added Work for the facility or the physicians

Reduced Inbound Facility Call Volume

HITRUST Certified…

When managed properly, CCM is a Win/Win for any facility or group.

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