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340B Compliance & Reimburement Maximization

Guidelines for 340b programs are constantly evolving and changing. When was the last time you had a compliance audit? 

We can provide one for free!  


We nearly always find critical compliance issues.  More importantly, we usually find ways to dramatically increase your reimbursements.  Let our network of 340B experts guide you to safe and maximized 340B reimbursements!


Private Label Community-based Custom Health Insurance Program Development

Does your hospital continue to struggle with market-share issues, even though you are contracted with every possible MCO and have acquired every possible physician?


Consider the benefits of establishing your own Private Label Health Plan:

  • Increased market share and profitable top-line growth

  • Increased domestic utilization

  • Monthly access fees

  • No risk to the hospital

  • Fee for value bonus structure

  • Reduced receivables & less collection issuer

  • Be considered the Proactive Medical Provider of Choice for local employers


Consider the benefits to local employers and their employees:

  • A competitive insurance product

  • 100% claims data transparency

  • Annual biometric screening

  • Out-of-area gap and wrap networks

  • Employee concierge service model

  • Local agent access

  • No financial risk


Opioid Class Action

Recovery Consulting

Has your organization been financially impacted by the opioid epidemic?  Have you been unpaid or underpaid for services rendered?  Have you been directly or indirectly financially impacted due to this crisis?


Class action settlement are resulting in tens of billions of dollars in available settlement monies for healthcare organizations that know how to properly prove, document, and files claims.


We can provide appropriate analysis, data mining, and documentation filing to assist you to secure the maximum settlement that your facility is entitled to.


Telephone &

Communication Bill


Telephone & Communication Bill Auditing

If you are a non-profit hospital or healthcare organization and have not had your phone, internet, and wireless bills audited by someone who knows the rules, you are probably paying way too much! We can recover over-payments and reduce future costs. 

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