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Strategic Healthcare Risk & Financial Advisors is a group of knowledgeable and committed risk and financial consultants who have deep experience and depth.  We bring decades of C-Suite, Board Room, Risk Management, Revenue Expansion, and Cost Containment Experience.


Healthcare is in constant change. Such transformations bring continued stress to every element of organizations. 

  • We impact the cost of risk through proactive and innovative risk management and risk financing solutions.

  • We help you find revenue that you are currently writing off.

  • We assist you to reduce expenses without sacrificing patient care or service.

  • We guide you through the process of strategic planning, people maximization, and process consultation.

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Healthcare presents the most demanding and challenging professional, occupational and financial risks that exist. Every day the exposures change.  Whether the issue is opioids, co-morbidities, staffing, pandemics, cyber-security, the aging population, revenue & collections, obesity or a host of other issues; Strategic Healthcare Risk Advisors has the resources to assist.

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Nurse with Protective Mask

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program is a great idea that unfortunately is rarely managed is a productive and profitable manner.  Our solution drives critical quality measures and brings significant top line revenue no increased resources. 

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Picking up Prescriptions

The driving force behind medical inflation for over a decade has been the rapid escalation of prescription drug costs.  What if you could turn back the clock by participating in a very large group PBM?  A 10% minimum cost reduction with no program changes is guaranteed.

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Couple with Mobile Phone

Imagine patients checking-into the hospital while still in their cars.  What if doing so could increase employee efficiency, increase “clean claims,” and reduce bad debt and increase patient satisfaction? Interested yet?

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

We help providers maximize Medicaid reimbursements. A significant portion of self-pay revenue that is eventually written-off may be found collections when properly evaluated.  Consider our no-cost evaluation to find missing Medicaid monies.

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3D Scans

Equipment Maintenance Agreements have margins of as much as 40% to 60%. Let us show you how to reduce these costs by 18% to 20%, while improving program efficiency and securing complete transparency.

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Young Business Colleagues

Healthcare is about People - Care-givers and Patients. We assist in Strategic Planning, provide Process Consultation, evaluate and provide solutions to Organizational Issues and improve Risk Management exposures. 


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Hospital Employees

There are many ways that we work to save you money. From reimbursement maximization to alternative funding consulting, Strategic Healthcare Advisors are here to help.


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We are healthcare leaders with decades of C-Suite experience.

We vet services that provide a Value Based Approach to impacting profitability.

National FQHC Team Leaders

Frank Ellis 

(816) 668-6192

Jeffery McDaniel

(816) 213-7136

Northwest Region
Tracy Hoth

(435) 232-3234

Wyoming & Montana

Jeff Fowler

(307) 349-1840

Intermountain West

Tracy Hoth

(435) 232-3234

Chad Larsen

(208) 346-1459

Midsouth Region
Gary Stickney

(816) 682-4743

South Central Region & Texas

Gus Grubb

(512) 788-0084

Southwest Region

Mike Stevulak

(206) 799-6883

Julia Hema

(602) 206-8187

Dave Johnson

(480) 234-5603


Joel Snook

(727) 776-6228

California/New York
Jib Martin

(415) 203-1120

John Coppock

(562) 774-6773


Benjamin Scottland

(206) 297-6883

Mid-Atlantic Region

Bob Biggins

(415) 203-1120


Tristin Autrey

(913) 850-8475

Nebraska & the Dakotas 

Daniel Orton

(406) 660-0595

Betsy Green

(816) 589-5474

East Coast Region

David Oaks

(203) 733-4399

Andy Fedun

(610) 301-7085

Puerto Rico

Chris Roman

(816) 682-4743




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